Erasmus in Schools Matching Machine


In this section you can browse through vacant visits. If you are a teacher or new to this programme this is where you can find examples of visits. If you are a student you may want to specify your profile/registration info according to these visits in order to be matched with one of these schools.

Educational visit

Date and time

2024-05-21 09:00   -    2025-05-30 15:00

Level of education

Comprehensive school (ages 7-15)

Subject/topic of the class

Languages: English

Desired study field of the visiting student

Any field will do, the main thing is that my pupils, who are 13-16 years of age can communicate in English with the visitor

Desired language skills of the visiting student


The main activity and the desired input of the visiting student

Talk with the pupils and give a small lecture on the country the visitor comes from

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Telephone +358 29 533 1000 (switch)
Erasmus In Schools